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Neapolitan-Inspired Pizza Pop-Up - NorthWest, UK

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Margot's Pizza is a Neapolitan-inspired pizza pop up, based in Manchester, UK. We serve delicious wood-fired pizza for weddings, festivals and other events.

Photos by Carolyn Sheridan

 Our journey started in 2016 when Mark, bored of his office job, decided to build a pizza oven in the back garden using YouTube tutorial videos as his guide. Amazingly, we ended up with a functioning oven and not the lump of concrete that many of our friends feared. You can see how he did or even have a go at making your own at https://howtobuildapizzaoven.wordpress.com

Fast-forward a year or so, and Mark quit his job, bought a mobile pizza oven and van and we find ourselves the proud owners of a street food business.

Where does Margot fit in to all of this? We adopted her from the wonderful Wild at Heart Foundation; she was a stray from Limassol, Cyprus and as luck would have it, loves pizza as much as we do. Sadly (for Margot) she rarely gets to come along to events, but that does mean there’s a lot more pizza for the rest of us.

Thanks for reading,

Mark, Nadia & Margot








Manchester, North-West, UK 


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